Is a company engaged in the manufacture of plastic products, and was founded in the Plant Matrix Cusco, Peru on February 15, 1999. 
From date has been dedicated to manufacture and produce plastic products for household, educational, kitchen items, home decorative items, health and beauty, as well as craft products. 
Company is a leader in Latin America, innovative and young. Through the years this young line, and the constant renewal of human and technological potential, linked to a restructuring of the work areas, creates a set of potential customers worldwide that are now the pride of the founders. 
They also created a climate of trust that allowed the great growth HACHO being now ready for more clients as partners and able to execute large projects that may reach a level of cooperation and satisfaction of its employees, allied to a technical index, professional , we can make highly efficient, competitive products from, smallest to the most innovative products that produce our line. 
Taking active operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. My sincere thanks to everyone who has made ​​the production of this material, my pride and admiration for them.
Mission, Vision and Values 
It is our Mission, Vision and Values​​, we consider as very important to respect people and encourage all our actions are based on integrity and respect, with foundations of honesty, responsibility and professional ethics, we always generate the most value to our shareholders customers, suppliers, staff and the communities we serve, with high levels of security, while preserving the ecological balance and fulfilling the requirements of our authorities. 
The members of the organs of government and all personnel GMexico, Directors, Officers and Employees (Staff and Workers), observe the following: 
• Integrity, acting with honesty, responsibility and professional ethics. 
• Respect for people, the environment and the atmosphere. 
• Service to our internal and external customers with our best effort and commitment. 
• Loyalty, acting fairly, based on the truth and our other values. 
• Creativity in making things better, breaking paradigms. 
• Solidarity working together to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision. 
• Timeliness in meeting commitments and obligations.


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